#003 Monthly News - February 2020

VIERNES 21/02/2020



When SNO grew up in the township of Bophelong in the Vaal, South Africa, her uncle was the finest collector of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Afrobeat and Disco. He surrounded her with tune after tune for years. When he sold his collection, SNO felt a loss that still remains to date.
Once she managed to get a proper turntable at home in 2015, she started collecting the very records her uncle sold, and more, as she have never stopped learning about music. On the 17th July 2015, she was thrown in the lion’s den at Soup Kitchen, Manchester and played a 4 hour set. It was her very first time and she enjoyed expressing herself through her love of music, straddling genres and showing how unlimited and highly extensive her love for Music is.
SNO’s presence on the Manchester DJ scene has been sudden due in no small part to the diversity and depth of her record bag. Not one to be pinned to a genre, her love of hip hop and bass styles will frequently co-exist amongst the finest Afrobeat, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Bruk, Highlife, Garage, Latin and rare groove selections.
SNO is now resident for Manchester label and collective Banana Hill, lead by fellow directory member Cervo.

> Miss Lieb
A selector with refined technique and an extremely personal style, Miss Lieb combines Boogie, Disco, Italo, and 80s funk in coherent, smooth sets that never lose their groove.

  • Date: 21/02/2020
  • Where: berlinClub
  • Doors: 00:30
  • Tickets: Here

    PAST JANUARY - Sama Yax + Ania

    Is a natural-born collector. For starters, she collects origins: between Mexico and Bilbao and currently residing in Barcelona, she’s spent 32 years on a search. Of course, she also collects vinyl, especially Disco, Latin, Afrobeat, House, Brazilian and Jazz. She collects experiences too: resident DJ at the legendary Nitsa club in Barcelona and part of the Discos Paradiso family, she’s taken her sets to festivals like SoundEat! and Materia, venues like Freedonia and parties like Goze and Baang. She’s even collected some milestones along the way: in 2019, she closed the Saturday-night main stage at Primavera Sound alongside DJ Rosario to celebrate the year of The New Normal. Ah, and activism is also in her scope: she’s one of the main instigators for applying the “No callem” protocol at Primavera Sound, protocol to raise awareness and offer help for females that are victims of sexist behavior. She also coordinates the booking department at the festival, works as hospitality manager for guests, agents and artists, etc. In sum, she’s the living image of the line “fight for your right to party, and party for your right to fight.”

    Never had a doubt: her passion is music. Thousands of hours listening, at a generous volume, to Jazz, Soul, Funk, House, Disco, Latin, Brasilian, anything interesante that fell into her hands. Her selections started in the 90s, when she was first behind the decks in her native city of Oviedo. In 2002, she won the “Girls on the Decks” contest at Madrid club “La Boca del Lobo”, and from there began making appearances in DJ booths all over the capital: Mojo Club, El Junco, Bogui Jazz, Siroco, berlinClub… Her sessions are eclectic and full of a colorful array of rhythms, submerging themselves in HIp Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, House… Dancing is simply an inevitable consequence.

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