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"Less chin stroking, more dancing”. CC:DISCO’s t-shirt really says it all. Playing disco, house and boogie cuts with her heart at the controls, CC triggers a joyous feedback loop that infects the dancefloor. There’s no pretention, only pure feeling.
A mainstay of the Melbourne club scene, CC began connecting with audiences just like the heroes before her - through FM radio. Having presented shows since the age of 15, her weekly slot on local institution PBS FM ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is now celebrated as the essential start to every Friday night. All of this air time has primed her to knock out guest spots on NTS, Red Light Radio, Worldwide and Dublab.
In recent years, CC’s devotion has seen her graduate to touring DJ and main stage festival act. She’s lapped Australia three times in 12 months and ticked a large chunk of her bucket list - opening for Theo Parrish in Auckland, soundtracking the romantic Adriatic Sea at Dimensions and Soundwaves, Boiler Room and Meredith’s coveted Supernatural Amphitheatre, as well as making her mark between Move D and Moodymann at Strawberry Fields, cloaked in a tarp as the crowd rain danced through a belting storm.
Already hosting the likes of Rahaan and Rich Medina, her own night Club Coco is destined to be an important chapter in Melbourne’s illustrious nightlife.


DJ and music producer, Froh Sound carries spreading his passion for black music since the early 90s, being a Classic booths Madrid’s nightlife. A restless artist who investigates the possibilities of beat and scratching to combine brilliantly in his sessions and productions.
It’s not surprising therefore that, for technical and taste musical, is one of the most demanded DJs in the underground scene in the capital. Within the amplitude representing the genre of black music in their sound both classic fit Funk, Soul and Disco to current styles like Dubstep, Breaks, Nu Bass, Drum n ‘Bass … without forgetting the Hip Hop always as a reference.
We can now find as resident deejay at the legendary Madrid club “El perro, de la Parte de atras del coche”, offering versatile sessions full of energy and heart, by reviewing the best of the genre: from organic hip hop The Roots, through the contagious funk Kool & The Gang, the futuristic Nu Jazz Pretty Lights …

Date: 07.09.2018
Were: Berlin Club
Visit: berlinClub.es
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